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Sep 17

How can you think freely in the shadow of a church? wrote an anonymous hand on the sacred wall of the Sorbonne during May ’68. This impeccable question has wider implications. Anything that has been designed for economic or religious purposes cannot fail to impose anything but economic or religious desires. A desecrated church continues to be the house of God. Commodities continue their chatter in an abandoned shopping centre. The parade ground of a disused barracks still contains the marching of the soldiers. That is what he who said that the destruction of the Bastille was an act of applied social psychology meant. The Bastille could never have been managed as anything other than a prison, because its walls would have continued to tell the tale of incarcerated bodies and desires.

Subservience, obligation and boredom espouse consumerism in endless funereal nuptials. Work reproduces the social environment which reproduces the resignation to work. One enjoys evenings in front of the TV because one has spent the day in the office and the underground. Keeping quiet in the factory makes shouting in the stadia a promise of happiness. Feelings of inadequacy at school vindicate the insensate irresponsibility of a Saturday night at the disco. Only eyes emerging from a McDonald’s are capable of lighting up when they see a Club Med billboard. Et cetera.

You need to know how to experience freedom in order to be free. You need to free yourself in order to experience freedom. Within the present social order, time and space prevent experimentation of freedom because they suffocate the freedom to experiment.

” — At Daggers Drawn with the Existent, its Defenders and its False Critics (via rakaizombie)

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“There is not a petition campaign that you can construct that is going to cause the power and the status quo to dissipate. There is not a legal action that you can take; you can’t go into the court of the conqueror and have the conqueror announce the conquest to be illegitimate and to be repealed; you cannot vote in an alternative, you cannot hold a prayer vigil, you cannot burn the right scented candle at the prayer vigil, you cannot have the right folk song, you cannot have the right fashion statement, you cannot adopt a different diet, build a better bike path. You have to say it squarely: the fact that this power, this force, this entity this monstrosity called the State maintains itself by physical force, and can be countered only in terms that it itself dictates and therefore understands.” — Ward Churchill, Pacifism as Pathology (via rakaizombie)

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“While Zerzan’s theory of gender is more overt in mobilising anthropology, it opens space against essentialism by identifying gender as a socially constructed institution sutured on top of a natural sex difference. This still warrants critique, however. One of the most worthwhile understandings of offered by queer theory is the provocation that the sex/gender dichotomy is not two systems, but actually one. Sex as a binary is no more natural than gender. It is the historical and retrospective arrangement into two categories of a vast range of organs, hormones, gestures, dispositions, body shapes, sexual capacities, etc.” — Against the Gendered Nightmare - baedan (via plantgirlramona)


refers to Minnesota Vikings football player Adrian Peterson beating his 4-year old son ..(story here)


refers to Minnesota Vikings football player Adrian Peterson beating his 4-year old son ..(story here)

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do you ever see something so uniform and undisturbed that you just wanna stomp all over it, like snow or the patriarchy

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Protect Charles Xavier from ableist fans’ bullshit 2X14

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the whole “anger is poisonous and bad for u” mindset was created by people who didn’t want to deal w the justified anger directed at them by others

anger is powerful and important, anger is fuel, and only you determine whether or not your anger is good or bad for you

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“Gender is domestication.” — Against the Gendered Nightmare - baedan (via plantgirlramona)

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