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haha just became acquainted with the Polish shibboleth W Szczebrzeszynie chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie (in Szczebrzeszyn the beetle skirls in the reed)


we dont want any


we dont want any

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“In fact, normalcy is a relatively new concept which arose as part of the modernity project in 1800–1850 in Western Europe and its North American colonized spaces. The word “normal” did not enter the English language until around 1840. Prior to the concept of normalcy there was the concept of the ideal (and its corollary, the grotesque). In Roman- Greek culture it was understood that everyone falls beneath this standard. The ideal was perceived as unachievable and imperfection was on a continuum (like a Greek statue). Imperfection was seen as being in various degrees from the ideal and was not penalized as such.

In the nineteenth century, the concept of normal entered European culture, as it related to the concept of the average; normalcy thus began with the creation of measurements and statistics. Qualities are represented on a bell curve, and the extremes of the curve are abnormal. Statistics were created as state tools (hence their etymology, as stat(e)istics) and, with the advent of modernity, as “political arithmetic”. It is hard to imagine that before the advent of modernity and capitalism, governing bodies did not make decisions based considerably on crime, poverty, birth, death, and unemployment rates. This new form of governance is what Foucault characterized as biopolitics. Indeed, it is exactly this new-found ability to measure performances of individuals and groups that makes them governable.” — Liat Ben-Moshe, Dave Hill, Anthony J. Nocella, II, and Bill Templer (Dis-abling capitalism and an anarchism of “radical equality” in resistance to ideologies of normalcy)

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från A Class Struggle Anarchist Analysis of Privilege Theory:

So if they didn’t choose it and there’s nothing they can do about it, why describe people as “Privileged”? Isn’t it enough to talk about racism, sexism, homophobia etc. without having to call white, male and straight people something that offends them? If it’s just the terminology you object to, be aware that radical black activists, feminists, queer activists and disabled activists widely use the term privilege. Oppressed groups need to lead the struggles to end their oppressions, and that means these oppressed groups get to define the struggle and the terms we use to talk about it. It is, on one level, simply not up to class struggle groups made up of a majority of white males to tell people of colour and women what words are useful in the struggles against white supremacy and patriarchy. If you dislike the term but agree with the concept, then it would show practical solidarity to leave your personal discomfort out of the argument, accept that the terminology has been chosen, and start using the same term as those at the forefront of these struggles.


Privilege theory is systematic. It explains why removing prejudice and discrimination isn’t enough to remove oppression. It shows how society itself needs to be ordered differently. When people talk about being “colour-blind” in relation to race, they think it means they’re not racist, but it usually means that they think they can safely ignore differences of background and life experience due to race, and expect that the priorities and world views of everybody should be the same as those of white people, which they consider to be “normal”. It means they think they don’t have to listen to people who are trying to explain why a situation is different for them. They want difference to go away, so that everybody can be equal, yet by trying to ignore difference they are reinforcing it. Recognising privilege means recognising that differences of experience exist which we may not be aware of. It means being willing to listen when people tell us about how their experience differs from ours. It means trying to conceive of a new “normal” that we can bring about through a differently structured society, instead of erasing experiences that don’t fit into our privileged concept of “normal”.


Acknowledging privilege in this situation means acknowledging that it’s not just the responsibility of the oppressed group to challenge the system that oppresses them, it’s everybody’s responsibility, because being part of a privileged group doesn’t make you neutral, it means you’re facing an advantage. That said, when we join the struggle against our own advantages we need to remember that it isn’t about duty or guilt or altruism, because all our struggles are all connected. The more we can make alliances over the oppressions that have been used to divide us, the more we can unite against the forces that exploit us all. None of us can do it alone.


This doesn’t make economic class a primary oppression, or the others secondary, because our oppressions and privileges intersect. If women’s issues were considered secondary to class issues, this would imply that working class men’s issues were more important than those of working class women. Economic class is not so much the primary struggle as the all-encompassing struggle. Issues that only face queer people in the ruling class (such as a member of an aristocratic family having to remain in the closet and marry for the sake of the family line) are not secondary to our concerns, but completely irrelevant, because they are among the few oppressions that truly will melt away after the revolution, when there is no ruling class to enforce them on itself. We may condemn racism, sexism, homophobia and general snobbery shown by members of the ruling class to one another, but we don’t have common cause in struggle with those suffering these, even those with whom we share a cultural identity, because they remain our direct and active oppressors.

Jews ordered to register in east Ukraine -




The Donetsk temporary government isn’t a recognized governmental organization. These leaflets don’t have any legal standing. While there is a lot of antisemitism in Ukraine, and many minority ethnic groups are concerned for their safety, this isn’t official by any means. It’s pretty inflammatory for a US newspaper to be publishing this without that information.

Wow thank you for that info! I couldn’t really tell from the article how much official backing the group distributing the pamphlets had.

I think that when people using force get involved whether or not the leaflets are “official” is going to be a moot point. There is a threat of violence more than implied here. I think it is pretty dismissive to pretend that this isn’t a situation for concern. People directly affected are scared for their safety.

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“While law-abiding Muslims are forced to hide in their homes, and animal-rights activists are labeled as terrorists for undercover filming of abusive treatment at factory farms, right-wing hate groups are free to organize, parade, arm themselves to the hilt and murder with chilling regularity. It’s time for our society to confront this very real threat.” — Amy Goodman, “The Grand American Tradition of Violent White Supremacy” | (via socialismartnature)

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"bourgeois" is a classist slur

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